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SunDay Ceramics

Ceramic Caterpillar Mug (Speckled + Flamingo)

Ceramic Caterpillar Mug (Speckled + Flamingo)

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Introducing our handmade ceramic caterpillar mug, a radiant piece of artistry and joy. This exquisite mug is adorned with carved sunshine, each intricately crafted to bring warmth and positivity to your day. Adding to its charm, a burst of painted sunshine at the bottom of the mug greets you with every sip. The handle of this delightful mug features a hand-sculpted and painted caterpillar, bringing a touch of whimsy and nature's beauty to your grasp. Experience the perfect harmony of sunshine, caterpillars, and artistry in every moment with our unique handmade ceramic mug.

Body - A variety of coloured clay slips under a thin coat of clear glaze.
Inside-Clear Glaze

Clay: Speckled Stoneware
Volume: 7 oz.
Height: 2 1/2 Inches
Width: 5 1/2 inches 
Depth: 3 1/2 inches 

This mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe, but we do recommend hand washing with care. 

Disclaimer: This product is made with an incredible amount of love

Care information

All mugs are microwave safe, but I do recommend handwashing.

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