Meet the SunDay Ceramics Team (:

SunDay Ceramics was established through the creative expression of Paige Harris, a Canadian artist based in Calgary, Alberta and a demanding CEO named Blue. 

Paige Harris

Paige graduated in 2017 from the Alberta College of Art + Design earning a Bachelors degree in Fine Art with a major in Sculpture. 

After graduating college she landed a job in the prop making industry sculpting styrofoam sculptures, welding armatures, wood-working, hard-coating and painting large and small, exterior and interior props. 

After a trip to Thanh Ha Pottery village, Hoi An in 2018 she had an incredible urge to get back into ceramics and pottery. At the end of 2018 she purchase a wheel, a used kiln, and some clay to slowly build her own home studio in a small spare bedroom and broom closet.

Paige decided to quit her full-time job in March of 2021 and in July of 2021 rebranded her wares from PaigeSHarris Ceramics to SunDay Ceramics.

A CEO Named Blue

SunDay Ceramics is run under the watchful eye of Chief Executive Officer Blue.

Blue has eyes on every step of the ceramic making process from wheel throwing, to handbuilding, glazing, firing and shipping. 

Although she does not provide her staff with health benefits, over-time pay, or sick days, she manages to warm all of our hearts with her cute little face.

The Inspiration

Paige works in a variety of forms using wheel thrown forms and hand building techniques. She draws most of her inspiration from the innocents and beauty of nature: from sculpting caterpillars and mushrooms to painting flowers, hearts, and colourful squiggly lines. 

SunDay Ceramics pieces are made in small batches in her home studio, using a variety of different clays, handmade slips, and glazes.

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Studio Sundays

Studio Sundays is a YouTube channel created by Paige Harris in 2021.
Episodes consist of Paige hanging out in the studio and making stuff, along with Blue the CEO.


The Newest Episode of Studio Sundays!