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Peach Pit

I can’t shake this empty feeling In the peach pit  Scraping the bottom Of my wallowing stomach  It seems to always cave in  Once I had thought it was full Kneeling down on the bathroom floor  Fingers trying to smooth out The lumpy dumpling stuck in my throat Sometimes I can gulp it down Most of the time it lingers Lingers on like a foul odor  Grasping at the back of my gullet Daisies, You fill me up with daisies But I keep plucking at the petals  Until grey ash remains  Why can’t I stop peeling away the flowers Why can’t I let things be  Immobilized by the weaknesses of myself When I know for damn sure all this thinking...

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I am In Love

You fill me up Like fuzzy peach petals Pricking my fingers on my own thorns You take the sting away Following me like a shadowed blanket Cushioning each fall Delicate fingers anxiously pacing Back and forth across broken pavement Black stained fingertips With an even darker heart You breathe into me I sink into you Stem placed in a crystal vase Holding something broken Holding someone broken

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